Other Wildlife

Birds are not the only creatures living here. The Cliffs of Moher support a wide variety of wildlife in the sea and on the cliff top.

Seal in the sea

An abundance of marine life can be found in the waters directly off the Cliffs. From minute lifeforms, with plankton blooms in April and May, to the second largest fish on the planet, the whale shark, which come to feed upon the plankton. The plankton also provides fodder for the vast shoals of sand eels which in turn sustain the huge seabird colonies (Puffin, Razorbill, Guillemot and Kittiwake) that live on the cliffs from March through to August. While these visitors come and go with the changing seasons there are a vast number of resident fish and crustaceans that are to be found in the waters year round. These include Conger eel, Pollock, Ballan Wrasse, Mullet, Lobster, Edible crab and Spider Crab.

Sea mammals below the cliff includes Whales, Whale Sharks and Seals. You may be lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins if the sea is calm.

Land mammals inhabiting the area on the cliff edge include badgers, stoats and rabbits.

The site supports a large population of hares and can often be seen early in the day during spring.

A herd of feral goats live precariously on narrow paths below the top of the cliffs. Keep an eye out for them if you are walking to Hags Head.