At the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience we are committed to making a visit as accessible as possible and to the idea of Access for all.


For all visitors, but especially those with a disability, planning your visit is very important.

It can get very busy at the Cliffs of Moher and some visitors may wish to avoid the busiest times as the visitor centre can become crowded and noisy. Mornings, before 11am and evenings, after 4pm are the quietest time of day all year round. During the Winter it tends to be quiet most days.

There are discounted rates available for visitors with disabilities. Please see the Tickets and Pricing page for information.

When you arrive at the Cliffs of Moher by car please go to the correct parking location:

If you have a disabled permit on your car:

You can park in one of the disabled parking spaces. There are 5 disabled parking spaces in front of the visitor centre on the same side of the road as the Cliffs. These are the closest car spaces to the visitor centre and Cliffs. After parking please go in to the visitor centre to buy your tickets. There are only 5 spaces here so we are sorry if they are already full. There are an extra 6 disabled parking spaces in the main car park on the opposite side of the road at the point closest to the pedestrian crossing.

If you do not have a disabled permit on your car:

Pass the visitor centre and coach entrance on your left and the pedestrian crossing. You will see the car park entrance on your right. Turn in to the right and join one of the lanes to enter the car park. At the cabin buy your tickets from the person inside and after the barrier rises drive to the other end of the car park which is the closest point to the pedestrian crossing. Bring your tickets with you when you leave the car.

Our staff have attended training in Customer Service, Vision & Values, Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults, Disability Awareness and Autism Awareness. If you would like to call for advice or information please call us on +353 65-7086141 or email

To assist you with preparing for your visit we have prepared a series of downloadable information sheets in PDF format which can be downloaded from the Related Documents section.