Sustainability Policy

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience is committed to the ethos of sustainable tourism and sustainable business and we strive to reduce any negative impact on the environment or local culture.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Europe’s most visited natural attractions with almost one million visitors annually. In 2007 a new visitor centre and visitor management programme was launched. Amongst the objectives of the new operation was the protection and conservation of the Cliffs of Moher. Since autumn of 2008 a Green Team has been established to tackle environmental, conservation and waste/energy management issues and to participate in local eco-tourism initiatives.

As well as a commitment to delivering a world class visitor experience, our mission statement also states:
“During the course of our efforts we will promote the County Clare tourist product for the economic and social benefit of the local and broader community.”

“We will preserve our natural and cultural heritage at the Cliffs of Moher and develop new ways to share it with visitors from tourists to fellow heritage sites to lifelong learning groups to the local community. We will establish the Cliffs of Moher at the forefront of Ecotourism initiatives in the region.”

We continually monitor different areas of the running of the visitor’s centre so we can set new targets for improvement.

Detailed reports are used to measure the following:

  • Electricity Usage – Recorded through detailed billing from our energy provider and our own Building Management System.
  • Water Usage – Water used is measured by our provider, Clare County Council. Water meter readings are taken and recorded on a monthly basis.
  • Waste Management – Audits carried out in conjunction with an external body have measured how well waste has been segregated. Detailed monthly statistics are also provided by our waste management company, Clean Ireland.
  • Gas Usage – Used to back up our renewable ground sourced heating, measured through billing..

We are fully compliant with the applicable legal requirements such as:

  • Irish Employment & Equality Law
  • Conservation of the cliff edge Special Protected Ares (SPA) under EU directive
  • Irish Health and Safety legislation
  • Irish & EU Environmental regulations

Through our efforts at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience, we aim to operate a sustainable business by striving to:

  • Reduce the use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels by using a renewable energy provider, being aware of the energy we use and using alternative energy sources where possible (eg. Ground source heating system). Energy used is measured and analysed on the basis of visitor numbers and our objective is to drive down this metric on an annual basis.
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals used. This has been achieved by using eco-friendly cleaning agents and organic weedkiller.
  • Preserve the natural habitats of the Cliffs of Moher. These include coastal cliffs which are important nesting sites for seabirds and grassland habitat rich in wildflowers and home to mammals such as the native Irish Hare. We aim to educate the visitor about our natural environment and encourage them to stay on the pathways.
  • Provide fair, sustainable and rewarding employment in a pleasant and safe working environment for all staff.