"Conservation isn’t just something we do"

As a visitor, we ask that you join us in our commitment to the Cliffs and to their conservation and sustainability. Conservation isn’t just something we do at the Cliffs – it is our very reason for being.

The Cliffs of Moher are so much more than just scenic and majestic parts of nature. They constitute an area of immense natural beauty, steeped in history, rich in flora and fauna. The Cliffs give us important clues to our past and help us understand what life was like hundreds and thousands of years ago. For these reasons, we have a duty of care to the Cliffs – and are committed to protecting and preserving this landscape for future generations. With this in mind, the Cliffs of Moher have been proclaimed a Special Protected Area (SPA) under Irish and EU legislation.

Share Our Sustainable Future

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience operates within the parameters of sustainable tourism and business. This means that in everything we do, we strive to reduce any negative impact on our environment – from the natural world to local culture. We are here to give back rather than take away – and you’ll experience this throughout your trip to the Cliffs and feel invigorated by our shared vision.

When the Visitor Experience was first built, we established a Green Team – to tackle environmental, conservation and waste/energy management issues and to participate in local eco-tourism initiatives.

Today we have a comprehensive Environmental Action Plan and our work has enjoyed the recognition of the following: independent certification by Green Hospitality since 2014, Silver level STEP certification from Sustainable Travel International between 2011 and 2014 and being shortlisted as a finalist in the Green Awards 2015, 2016 & 2017. We were the winners of a green award in 2010. We are currently certified to silver level with the Green Hospitality Programme Ireland.. The Cliffs View Café also won the Best Sustainable Menu Award at the 2015 Irish Responsible Travel and Tourism Awards.

Read our Sustainability Policy (2018)

Here’s How We Work

War on Waste

We aim to recycle as much waste as possible. Last year, a substantial 54% of the 63 tonnes of waste collected from our site, was recycled. In addition, our waste management company separately collects all food and compostable waste.

Water is Life

We have reduced our water usage through the installation of waterless urinals in the men’s toilets and dual flush systems – as well as aerated motion sensor taps in all toilets. Since these measures were put in place, we have reduced our water usage by 24% – a saving of 5,076 litres a day!

Buy Local

Supporting local suppliers and producers is part of the Cliffs of Moher’s sustainability signature – and we do everything we can to encourage the growth of local economy by showcasing, promoting and making use of homegrown talent and goods. From the Liscannor flag stone used throughout the Visitor Centre, to the top quality local food served at our on-site café – we love local! Find out more about our local suppliers.

How You Can Help Make a Difference

Always use water sparingly – Ireland is a wet place but water is a precious resource!

Please report any dripping taps to a member of staff.

Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate bin.

Please note all disposable packaging and cutlery, including coffee cups, from the Cliffs View Café is compostable and can be disposed of in the food bin.

Use the bins before approaching the cliff edge. To stop the birds from getting to litter, there are no bins provided along the cliffs.

Read our Full Environmental Policy (2018)

Practice Minimal Impact Bird Watching

  • Avoid disturbing birds and their habitats.
  • Be an ambassador for bird watching.
  • Know the laws and rules for visiting the countryside and follow them.
  • Send your sightings to the county bird recorder and www.birdtrack.net
  • Think about the interests of wildlife and local people before passing on the news of a rare bird, especially during the breeding season.
  • Whether your particular interest is photography, ringing, sound recording or bird watching, remember that the interests of the bird must always come first.
  • Avoid going too close to birds or disturbing their habitats – if a bird flies away or makes repeated alarm calls, you are too close. And if it leaves, you won’t get a good view.
  • Stay on roads and paths where they exist to minimise habitat disturbance.
  • Think about your field craft. Disturbance is not just about going too close – a flock of wading birds on the foreshore can be disturbed from a mile away if you are standing on the seawall.
  • Repeatedly playing a recording of birdsong or calls to encourage a bird to respond can divert a territorial bird from other important duties, such as feeding its young. Never use playback to attract a species during its breeding season.
  • Respond positively to questions from interested passers-by. They may not be bird watchers yet, but a good view of a bird or a helpful answer may light a spark of interest. Your enthusiasm could start a lifetime’s interest in birds and a greater appreciation of wildlife and its conservation.
  • Consider using local services such as petrol stations, shops, restaurants and public transport.
  • Raising awareness of the benefits to local communities from visiting bird watchers mat, ultimately, help the birds themselves.


Follow the Simple Principles of Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Code:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Be considerate of others
  • Respect farm animals and wildlife
  • Travel and camp on durable ground
  • Leave what you find
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Minimise the effects of fire

Read More about the seven Leave No Trace Principles

Leave No Trace logo

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience is a partner with Leave No Trace Ireland – an initiative that promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. The programme strives to build awareness, appreciation of and respect for Ireland’s natural and cultural heritage. It is dedicated to creating a nationally-recognised and accepted outdoor ethic that promotes personal responsibility. The programme also encourages all outdoor enthusiasts – from walkers to mountain bikers and horse riders – to do their part to protect the lands used by the public. In this way we can help preserve the environment for generations to come.

In co-operation with this initiative, businesses in the Burren Ecotourism Network have completed Leave No Trace Awareness Training and are now official Leave No Trace Partners since 2014.

One of Ireland’s most famous sights, the Cliffs of Moher are entirely vertical and the cliff edge is abrupt. On a clear day the views are tremendous, with the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. From the cliff edge you can just hear the booming far below as the waves crash and gnaw at the soft shale and sandstone.

With a due-west exposure, sunset is the best time to visit.

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