Any plants growing on and around the Cliffs of Moher must be tough and hardy to survive the prevailing winds and thin soils. Starting at the base of the cliff, we can find seaweed on the shore and lichens on the rocks. Further up, mosses and liverworts cling to cracks in the cliff face. About halfway up the cliff, debris falling from above has formed a covering of soil providing habitat for wild flowers and grasses.

Sea Campion Flowers

Soil types vary along the cliff top but are generally acidic and poorly drained. Around O’Briens Tower, the soil has benefited from better drainage, but elsewhere wet ‘gley’ soils predominate. This unproductive soil is of little agricultural use, with the result that it harbours a wide variety of wild plants.

Some flowers you may see during your visit in Spring or Summer


Scurvy Grass

Scurvy grass can be found on the cliff top and buttresses and can be identified by its green kidney shaped leaves and small white flowers which bloom in March/April. It is so named for the reason that it was traditionally used by seamen to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Sheeps Bit

Sheeps Bit flowers June to August with round blueish purple flowers.


Sea Pink

Sea Pink or thrift flowers May to July and has small pink blooms in almost spherical papery heads.


Sea Campion

Sea Campion flowers May to September with white bulbous flowers.