Cliffs of Moher Opening Hours

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience is open on a year round basis except on 24th, 25th and 26th December.

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Monthly Opening Hours

January 09:00 – 17:00.
February 09:00 – 17:00.
March 08:00 – 19:00.
April 08:00 – 19.00.
May to August 08:00 – 21:00.

September 08:00 – 19:00.
October 08:00 – 19:00.
November 09:00 – 17:00.
December 09:00 – 17:00.

To visit the Cliffs Exhibition please allow at least 20 minutes prior to closing time.

O’Brien’s Tower is open daily but hours will vary according to the time of year. Please check with staff onsite for the opening hours on the day of your visit as the tower may be closed due to weather or operational reasons.

Gift shop, Puffins Nest café and Craft worker shops hours of operation may vary from that of the Visitor Centre. The Cliffs View Café provides take away service up to 15 minutes prior to closing time.


Cliffs of Moher Weather

Changeable weather can have an impact on what you choose to do at the Cliffs so it’s best to be flexible.  Certain times are busier than others: our peak months are July and August, however, the Cliffs of Moher are very busy from April to September each year.  The busiest time of day is between 11.00am and 4pm. Weekend days are often more popular than weekdays except during the school holidays.  If your schedule permits it is worth considering a visit after 4pm as the site is much less busy and the cliffs are often lit by the light of the sun going down in the west.

Occasionally, we may have to close the visitor centre due to extreme weather conditions which make it dangerous for visitors and staff to remain onsite.  At other times the weather requires special attention to safety. Please note the signage on entry to the visitor car park and coach park.



Part of the beauty of the Cliffs is that they can be cloaked in fog one minute and basking in the sun’s rays the next. As the Irish saying goes: “Is iomaí athrú a chuireann lá Márta dhe” or “there is a lot of weather in a March day” – and in fact, the same can be said for every other day of the year in Ireland where the weather is highly unpredictable. So visiting us, it’s best to come prepared for all types of weather – with a good rain jacket and a pair of walking boots.

An anemometer which measures wind speed is installed at the Cliffs. You can see the current wind and temperature conditions at You can get more accurate weather conditions by calling us or checking the national weather forecaster on the day you plan to visit us. Go to

Weather Hazards

From time to time there are high winds or other hazardous weather conditions at the Cliffs of Moher, which is why we follow the Met Eireann weather warning protocols. If you are visiting us in periods of high winds, please be aware of the following warning signs which are displayed at the entrance to the carpark and coach park:


Weather conditions are hazardous and visitors are advised to exercise extra caution, eg. Winds are strong and require persons outdoors to take extra care particularly near cliff side pathways and viewing platforms.  Do not run in the wind as the unpredictability of gusts can knock you over.  Link arms with children or older people for extra stability.


Weather conditions are too hazardous to visit the Cliffs. eg. winds are gusting dangerously at the cliff areas and it is no longer safe for visitors to go to the cliff viewing areas.  In this case we recommend that visitors reconsider the visit and delay their visit to a time when conditions have improved.  The visitor centre remains open purely as a refuge for those who were already onsite.  Please don’t put yourself or others in danger by going to the cliff side areas.  If you are knocked over by the wind those coming to your aid may also be injured.


Weather conditions are so dangerous that the centre has been closed and any visitors or staff onsite have been evacuated from the site.  e.g.  Winds are extremely dangerous and it is not safe for staff to remain onsite.  Under no circumstances should you proceed with a visit under these conditions.   Status Red is not issued lightly and we strongly urge visitors to behave responsibility and avoid putting themselves or others into harms way.

One of Ireland’s most famous sights, the Cliffs of Moher are entirely vertical and the cliff edge is abrupt. On a clear day the views are tremendous, with the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. From the cliff edge you can just hear the booming far below as the waves crash and gnaw at the soft shale and sandstone.

With a due-west exposure, sunset is the best time to visit.

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