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Cliffs of Moher walkway

Looking after our community

The Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark believe that the sustainability of the businesses within a destination along with the sustainability of products and experiences they offer are critical to the sustainability of the destination as a whole. The Geopark has partnered with the Burren Ecotourism Network to develop the region as a sustainable tourism destination.

The Burren Ecotourism Network and the Geopark have enjoyed a special relationship since 2008, when the Burren Connect Project first instigated the establishment of the Network. The two organisations now work in partnership, having agreed in late 2012 to pool their resources in pursuit of their common objective. Both organisations are committed to the promotion of responsible tourism that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. They work together to promote ‘The Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark’ as a leading sustainable visitor destination, celebrated for high standards in visitor experience, conservation, and learning.


Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs north with OBriens Tower

The Burren Ecotourism Network is a network of tourism businesses who share the vision of establishing The Burren as a premier internationally recognised sustainable tourism region, ensuring the future economic and social growth and sustainable development of its communities, environment and heritage.

Burren Ecotourism Network Principles

How the Cliffs of Moher Experience applies each principle:

Working together

We work with local schools in the Junior Achievement Programme, by allocating team members to visit schools in Clare to deliver this programme. After the visit schools are invited to the cliffs to experience it in person.

A cared-for landscape

Having a well-cared for landscape, means that we actively participate in conserving the natural and cultural heritage. Music is our cultural heritage; musicians have been a big part of the story of tourism at the Cliffs of Moher since the very beginning. In the early days it is said that Cornelius O’Brien brought a piper to entertain the visitors at the cliffs.  Busking pitches are set aside throughout the site, specifically for local buskers wishing to bring and showcase their talent.

A well-understood heritage

The team at the Cliffs of Moher Experience are knowledgeable on the landscape, we continuously train our staff on all topics such as biodiversity, Geology and Ornithology. They offer quality information and interpretation to communicate stories of the Geopark to visitors.

Vibrant Communities

The Cliffs of Moher Experience Craft and Gift Store is proud to sell local products from the area, we have 40 suppliers within 45km radius, ranging from soap, knitware, candles, chocolate, slate craft, stained glass and a range of high-quality gifts. Meet the Makers is an intiative focused on the promotion of local products and suppliers whose products are available to purchase in our Craft and Gift Store or in the shops at the Craftworkers Street ouside the visitor centre.

Strengthened Livelihoods

Our Collaboration with JJ Corry whiskey this year was to create a new series of Irish whiskeys finished in sherry casks at the iconic O’Brien’s Tower, we have 9 barrels maturing at O’Brien’s Tower, this partnership was extremely successful, and we are delighted to supporting local suppliers, dispersing economic benefit to the area.