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Ireland’s Favourite Visitor Attraction: Winner 2019

December 12th 2018,

We are thrilled and delighted to have been voted Ireland’s favourite visitor attraction by the Irish Independent Readers Travel awards for 2019.

“But the Cliffs of Moher are sculpted by the natural forces of the Atlantic Ocean like no others. It is no wonder they draw such crowds… A picture on your phone will rarely do them justice. You just have to digest the views for yourself.”

One reader encapsulates the views of so many. The Cliffs of Moher are “an obvious but awe-inspiring” choice, you said. A hero image of Ireland that attracts over 1.5 million visitors a year, yet still, somehow, a place where the power of nature can make the interaction feel almost private.

“They’re stunning,” you said. “Even in the rain.”

Judges noted how many of you mentioned the visitor centre (, which recently added dynamic pricing to better spread visitors during the day; and a staff that make visits feel special …….. “the people make Clare,” you told us. “The cliffs are the icing [on the cake], but you can tell how proud they are of this.”

“The sheer vastness allows for reflection. Even though the wind can be loud and the waves can be roaring, a deep silence can be found staring at those glorious cliffs or whilst walking along the path…”

“The scene changes with the climate,” you said. “Wild winds and energy… the feeling that it’s great to be Irish.”