Eileen Clair Holistic Health

Eileen Clair Holistic Health

Eileen Clair Holistic Health gives you the opportunity to take time out to improve your life amidst the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way.

When life seems to be all about coping with conflicting demands, balance and calm are often purely aspirational. Holiday time can be the ideal time to restore balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and a visit to our Holistic Centre is a very positive step in this direction. Relaxation therapies, food intolerance testing, bio-resonance medicine, nutritional advice, deep tissue massage, meditation groups, workshops and yoga are all offered. The Centre provides Bio-Resonance Tests, which helps you identify what can best assist you in achieving and maintaining good health efficiently. This also includes Food Intolerance Testing and Complex Homeopathy remedies.

To help with relaxation, the centre offers a relaxing hot stone massage. Feet can be treated to a reflexology session and tight muscles eased with a deep tissue massage.

The centre’s workshops are ideal for interactive deep personal development work and have enabled many friendships to flourish worldwide. Heal Your Life coaching hour sessions are also available.

Training Programmes are offered for those keen on working in the field of holistic health. Heal Your Life training programmes are based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and are internationally recognized and certified.

The Centre’s book store also stocks a wide range of personal development books, CDs and natural remedies including aromatherapy oils.


  • Complimentary Car Parking
  • Convenient to Local Attractions
  • Wheelchair Accessibility


52.8 km from the Cliffs of Moher
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Co. Clare

One of Ireland’s most famous sights, the Cliffs of Moher are entirely vertical and the cliff edge is abrupt. On a clear day the views are tremendous, with the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. From the cliff edge you can just hear the booming far below as the waves crash and gnaw at the soft shale and sandstone.

With a due-west exposure, sunset is the best time to visit.

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