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Visitor Numbers in 2018

January 23rd 2019,

Visitor numbers at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience in County Clare increased by 3.8% to 1,580,010 in 2018.

Significantly, the visitor figures reveal that the Fully Independent Traveller (FIT) market showed greater growth than the group market with 55% of all visitors being FITs (862,226 – up 42,103 on 2017).

Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience introduced a new dynamic pricing model for FITs (Fully Independent Travellers) for the 2018 summer season. The new booking system at enables customers to purchase tickets online with up to 50% off the gate rate for early and late visits. Dynamic pricing has also been introduced for coach operators (group business) which offers reduced admission rates during off peak periods to encourage the operators to overnight in County Clare.

Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience employs 110 staff during the peak season and is a significant employer in North Clare. Additionally, more than 50 staff employed by tenant companies are supported at the site.

Meanwhile, the Cliffs of Moher Strategy 2040 is being developed by Clare County Council to enhance the visitor experience and the attraction. The recently appointed Board of the Cliffs of Moher Centre Ltd will have a key strategic role in shaping the new sustainable tourism direction envisioned for the future. This Strategy is at tender stage to appoint consultants with international experience. This will involve consultants with local, national and regional stakeholders. The Strategy will take over a year to prepare the comprehensive plans for the site and visitor experience.