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Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark Ireland


Where to park

The main Cliffs of Moher Experience car park is on the opposite side of the road from the Visitor Centre and the Cliffs. On arrival, please drive to the admission pod and have your tickets available for exchange for Cliffs of Moher site passes. This will you give you access to every area of the Cliffs of Moher Experience.

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Please ensure you download the App and Audio for your essential travel guide and to get the very best out of your visit.

Book your tickets online in advance to be sure of entry and to save time. It is recommended that you arrive within 15 minutes of your booked arrival time.

Cliffs of Moher Parking
The Cliffs of Moher View

Parking area

If you are a disabled driver or passenger with a permit, please proceed to the main coach park. There are several designated parking bays available near the Visitor Centre. If these spaces are occupied, there are additional spaces in the main car park. The attendant at the entry cabin will advise and direct you to the available spaces in the areas designated for disabled parking.

If you are travelling in a chauffeur-driven vehicle tickets can be purchased on this website in advance. Dedicated parking for chauffeured vehicles is located in the car park. Chauffeurs receive complimentary admission.

Accessibility - Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher View

Accessibility at the Cliffs

Designated disabled parking spaces are provided in the main car park (eight spaces) and in the coach parking area (five spaces) beside the Visitor Centre. Wheelchairs are available for use from different areas on site:

  • The Car Park office.
  • The Visitor Centre front desk (inside the building).

Hearing aid amplifiers (Induction Loops) are in place at the Front Desk, the Ledge Theatre, the Help Desk area and the Gift Shop.

The Visitor Centre is entirely wheelchair accessible and disabled access to the cliffs can be gained from three different exits onto pathways provided. Counter heights at the Front Desk have been staggered to allow ease of access for wheelchair users. Different tactile surfaces on the floor have been provided at the start and end of ramps, at the start of stairwells, and at platforms on the ramp where two routes exist.

Lifts of Moher Buggies

The Path and the Lifts of Moher

There are now two Lifts of Moher buggies at the Cliffs of Moher Experience. Operated by trained staff, the Burren Buggy and Wild Atlantic Shuttle provide visitors with a guided tour of Ireland’s most visited natural attraction from the viewing platforms overlooking the majestic cliffs to the iconic 19th century O’Brien’s Tower.

Suitable for those with limited mobility, the buggies are subject to availability. Aiming to give visitors more access to areas they may not be able to reach on their own. The elderly or people with disabilities can now enjoy the full experience the Cliffs of Moher has to offer!

Operated by trained staff, these electric-powered buggies provide visitors with a peaceful and pleasant spin through the site. Wheelchairs are also available around different areas on the site. Designed to enhance on site-accessibility for all.

Solid in structure the access path can be accessed for wheelchair use. Natural terrain may adhere to the surface of the path; therefore, visitors can use these paths at their own risk.

Cliffs Drone view of centre

The View

While the natural terrain makes it difficult to provide full independent access to all areas outdoors, specifically elevated views at the Hags Head side and O’Brien’s Tower and the new cliffs edge works have sought to provide a reasonable level of access to the outdoor experience. Access is readily available from both the ground and first floor levels of the building as well as from the main concourse to the picnic area and cliff edge.