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National Heritage Week

Come and celebrate National Heritage Week at the Cliffs of Moher Experience this August!

National Heritage Week is a celebration of Ireland’s natural, built, and cultural heritage. Our heritage refers to our past and how we protect and preserve it to pass it on to future generations. This year’s theme ‘Living Heritage’ invites us to explore the traditions and practices, knowledge and skills passed down through generations.

Standing at the Cliffs of Moher, one can’t help but feel a profound connection to the past and to the generations gone by. Celebrating National Heritage Week, the Cliffs of Moher beckon us to reflect on the enduring wisdom of the past, the lessons learned from the land and sea, and the responsibility we bear to preserve these treasures for the generations yet to come. As we explore the traditions etched into the landscape, we are reminded that heritage is not just a relic of history but a guidepost for the future – a reminder of the delicate balance we must maintain between progress and preservation.

National Heritage Week Agenda

From the 12th to 20th August 2023

MacCóda Hurleys 3

Hurley Making

12th & 18th August, 11am to 1pm, with Aidan Cuddihy

Hurling and Hurley making dates back further than any written Irish history. It is considered to be a vital part of Ireland’s culture and heritage. In 2018 Hurling and Camogie were designated under the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage inscription. This recognises the sport as a key element of our living heritage in Ireland which will also safeguard hurling into the future. Annually there are up to 400,000 hurleys produced in Ireland. Learn how hurleys are crafted with Aidan Cuddihy.


13th & 19th August, 11am to 1pm, with Ciara Carew

Storytelling in Ireland is renowned throughout the world for its rich folklore traditions. This tradition dates back the time of the Celts where information was passed on through poetry, songs, and stories. It has lasted the test of time with Irish people around the world being known for their gift of storytelling. No matter where you go to in Ireland you will be sure to find storytellers on every corner of the island. Explore the Art of Storytelling with Ciara Carew.

MacCóda Hurleys 3

Handbag Making

14th and 17th August, 11am to 2pm, with Sally Ann Marron

Discover County Clare’s handbag-making craftsmanship during National Heritage Week, where the art of creating stylish bags finds its place. From crafting unique handbags to celebrating the creativity of local artisans, this will showcase Clare’s culture and skilful traditions. Join us in recognising this blend of heritage and craftsmanship, as we highlight the handbag-making legacy that contributes to the county’s cultural identity with local producer Sally Ann Maron.

Traditional Music

Tuesday, 15th and Sunday 20th August, 11am to 1pm, with Kate and Jack Lavin

Explore County Clare’s musical roots during National Heritage Week, where the cliffs have long been a backdrop for busking. From traditional Irish tunes and lively atmosphere created by buskers, this reflects the heart of Clare’s culture and history. Enjoy the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher while honouring this blend of heritage and artistry, as we celebrate the music that has resonated along the cliffs for generations gone by. As you stroll along the cliffs, the lively atmosphere created by talented buskers echoes the very essence of Clare’s vibrant culture and history.

23_Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving

Wednesday, 16th August, 11am to 1pm, with Deirdre Hetherington

With roots tracing back centuries, this ancient craft has woven its way into Ireland’s cultural heritage. Baskets, once essential for fuel, food, and more, embody the enduring connection between people and the land. Ireland’s Intangible Cultural Heritage thrives through practices that evolve over time. Basket Weaving stands as a prime example of this living legacy, bridging the past, present, and future. Embrace National Heritage Week and delve into the stories woven by skilled hands, uniting communities, and landscapes across eras. Join us in honouring this vibrant heritage that transcends time, celebrating the artistry that defines us and our nation’s rich history.



Friday, 18th August, 11am to 2pm, with Ann O’Toole

Experience the captivating world of ancient textile art as you witness the mesmerizing craft of spinning yarn under the guidance of the talented and knowledgeable Ann O’Toole. Through her expertise, you’ll be transported back in time, immersing yourself in the age-old techniques and traditions that have shaped this intricate art form. Ann O’Toole’s skilful hands and wealth of wisdom will unravel the secrets of spinning yarn, offering you a unique and enriching journey into the realm of traditional craftsmanship. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this opportunity promises to be a truly memorable and educational encounter.



Tuesday, 15th August, 11am to 2pm, with Ann O’Toole

As we look out at the wild Atlantic Ocean we see the picturesque Aran Islands, the birthplace of Aran jumpers. Amidst the relentless Atlantic winds, coastal women near The Cliffs of Moher embraced knitting, a necessity to protect their loved ones from the harsh Atlantic Ocean. Handmade Aran sweaters became vital, offering warmth to the brave fishermen. Knitting birthed economic opportunities as demand for these intricate sweaters surged, sustaining families. Reflect on history, necessity, and creativity woven into knitting along these rugged shores – a timeless homage to the past and the creation of new legacies for the future. Learn about the knitting and it’s history from Ann O’Toole.