Weather at the Cliffs

There is an old Irish saying: “Is iomaí athrú a chuireann lá Márta dhe”- There is a lot of weather in a March day. The same could be said for every other day of the year in Ireland. The weather is highly unpredictable and we often have the four seasons of weather in the same day. The Cliffs of Moher can be cloaked in fog one minute, basking in the heat of sun, the next minute.

When visiting the Cliffs it is always best to come prepared for all types of weather, a good rain jacket and a pair of walking boots are always a good idea. You can get more accurate weather conditions by calling us or checking the with the national weather forecaster

What do I need to know about weather hazards at the Cliffs of Moher?

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION on weather hazards **

Occasionally there are high winds or other hazardous weather conditions at the Cliffs of Moher; we follow the Met Éireann weather warning protocols. Adhere to the following warning signs at the entrance to the parking areas. Failure to abide by weather hazard guidelines will put you in breach of contract.

status-yellow-125Weather conditions are hazardous & visitors are advised to exercise extra caution, eg. Winds are strong & require persons outdoors to take extra care particularly near cliff side pathways & viewing platforms.
status-orange-125Weather conditions are too hazardous to visit the Cliffs. Eg. Winds are gusting dangerously at the cliff areas & it is no longer safe for visitors to go to the cliff viewing areas.  In this case we recommend that visitors reconsider the visiting & delay their visit to a time when conditions have improved.   The visitor centre remains open purely as a refuge for those who were already on-site.
status-red-125Weather conditions are so dangerous that the centre has been closed & any visitors or staff on-site have been evacuated from the site.  Eg.  Winds are extremely dangerous & it is not safe for staff to remain on-site.  Under no circumstances should you proceed with a visit under these conditions.
  • On status yellow ask your visitors to proceed with extra caution as there may be gusts of wind.
  • Do not let people out of the coach in hazardous weather in status orange or red. It is extremely dangerous to do so & you risk putting people’s lives in danger.
  • On status orange there are high winds; it is unsafe & dangerous to approach the cliff edge. The centre remains open for emergency support.
  • On status red it means that it is too dangerous to proceed & the visitor centre has closed. DO NOT ENTER the Cliffs of Moher; it is extremely dangerous & unsafe to enter the site for both vehicles & people.
  • When contacted by Cliffs of Moher staff & advised not to travel to the cliffs because of weather hazards DO NOT VISIT as this means it is extremely dangerous & most likely status red.
  • ALWAYS phone ahead of your visit to check the weather status.