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Easter at the Cliffs of Moher

March 31st 2021,

We are delighted to welcome Easter here at the Cliffs of Moher – a hugely important Christian religious celebration as well as a time of new beginnings and the full emergence of Spring. Easter is steeped in the symbolism of the cycle of the sun which in spring fondles the natural world to life. In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox occurs on the 21st of March when the length of the day increases until it is equal to the length of the night. The sun, growing in power, finally overtakes darkness, and this solar rebirth is celebrated in most ancient pagan religions, where agricultural life depended on the growth of spring. Christians celebrate Easter on the first Sunday on or after the first Full Moon after the March equinox, tying Easter to its historical pagan roots. The images of Easter include two of the most ancient and universal symbols of birth, nature, fertility, life, and rebirth: the egg and the rabbit. The symbol of the egg has been tied since time immemorial with spring. The beloved chocolate egg has now become the ubiquitous and central image of Easter. The Easter Bunny can often be seen delivering (and hiding) Easter eggs during its mid-spring festival. Because of its prolific breeding, the rabbit and the hare have been symbols of fertility and spring since ancient times.

Atlantic Puffin Bird Couple

Here at the Cliffs of Moher Easter means Spring is in its ascendancy where the flora and fauna finally awaken after a long winter and show their collective faces to the sun. The puffins have arrived back and in an era of such uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that life for our migrating seabirds continues as per usual. No 5km limits or social distancing for these most social of birds as they prepare to court, mate, and raise their young over the next few months fulmars and kittiwakes are back too – cue the raucous cacophony of the seabirds as they mark out territories for their nests and their courting. Their antics are entertaining and delightful as they embrace land living for a few months.

Flora is also peering out of the earth and raising their faces to the sun – in lockdown wildflowers have been thriving at the Cliffs of Moher. In the absence of human footfall flowers are appearing in new and surprising places and in the words of Aristotle “nature abhors a vacuum” and certainly Mother Nature is not missing out on new places to shine.

We hope to welcome you, our much-missed visitors soon again, there is a real poignancy observing the emergence of nature at the cliffs at this time of year and the total absence of visitors to appreciate the utter beauty of this, we will meet again soon. In the meantime, enjoy Joe Rynne as he takes us through a little mother nature at the Cliffs of Moher site. Have a peaceful happy Easter to all of you and take it easy on the eggs (eggs over easy!!) Stay safe and well.